The MC9400 / MC9450 are the evolution of the industry’s leading MC9000 series mobile computers designed to be a drop-in upgrade for the MC9300.  The MC9450 is ready for the needs of today, and for the digitization of the future. With both private and public data-only 5G cellular, the MC9450 can cover all traditional WiFi environments, while also being ready to head out into the field, or service pop-up sites during periods of peak or seasonal activities.  The MC9450 is also perfect for facilities with less-than-ideal, or no WiFi coverage due to deployment and maintenance costs – such as yards, ports, and other expansive areas. With 5G, Wi-Fi 6E, a keyboard and a touchscreen all in one device, you can meet the needs of practically any worker, any app, anywhere - inside the facility or out in the field. The MC9400 is an ideal fit for environments where cellular data is not required, building on the legacy of the industry leading ultra-rugged MC9000 family.  The MC9400 guarantees an ultra-durable and reliable device for any environment, even if that takes you into challenging conditions, such as near hazardous materials (Class 1 Div 2) or into sub-freezing temperatures.